gh-deploy: One-liner GitHub page spin-up

Posted by Dan Siwiec on March 6, 2015 github npm node coffeescript

Sometimes, you just need to host a simple, static HTML page on the web. GitHub makes it much easier, with the introduction of the GitHub Pages service. There’s still a couple steps required to get started with GitHub pages. Introducing gh-deploy. This module leverages this service and automates the whole setup.


  • github account
  • npm


  • Install the gh-deploy module
npm install -g gh-deploy
  • Run it

Run it

  • Follow the wizard steps


  • Wait for the page to be created



  • The page deployed and accessible

Hello world

  • GitHub repo created with a stub index file:



Checkout the demos on YouTube:

Part I - Hello World (19 seconds)</a> (a little outdated - there are no input arguments anymore - the wizard asks about them)

Part II - Deploy Todo MVC (36 seconds)